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Houston Schuerger
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: N/A Office Location: MECC 269
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Trinity College faculty member since 2020
General ProfileTeachingResearchPublications/PresentationsHonors/Awards
Ph.D., Univ. of North Texas
M.N.S., Southeast Missouri State Univ.
B.S., Southeast Missouri State Univ.

Houston Schuerger received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of North Texas (UNT) in August 2020 under advisor Dr Nicolae Anghel. Prior to his time at UNT, he was a full-time faculty member at Southeast Missouri State University. The key, Houston believes, to reaching students is to make both yourself and the material as approachable as possible. In addition to his traditional teaching experience, Houston also advises undergraduate research projects in the areas of geometry, concerning geodesics, and graph theory, concerning zero forcing. These projects have led to his students presenting their results at conferences, and currently his students are typing up their results with hopes of submitting them for publication in the near future.

In addition to his work advising undergraduate research, Houston has research in multiple areas of mathematics including graph theory, geometry, and topology. In particular his research interests involve applying spatial reasoning to combinatorial structures and focus on zero forcing and other graph invariants, spanning trees, higher dimensional geometry, geodesics, and topological games; and in particular the interplay between the local structure given by vertex induced subgraphs and the global structure given by their adjacencies and intersections in graphs both infinite and finite. This research has led to presentations at numerous conferences, collaborations with researchers at multiple universities, and participating in the AMS Math Research Community: Finding Needles in Haystacks.