7.02 Vacation

Effective Date: November 1, 2014 (revised)


The vacation time benefit is intended to provide employees the opportunity to schedule and take time away from work with pay. This policy describes the eligibility and benefit provided by the College, and the process for ensuring receipt of the benefit.


Eligibility and Taking Time

Vacation time is provided to administrative employees whose FTE is .5 or greater.

Vacation time is approved and scheduled by the supervisor, who will consider employee requests and the needs of the department. Whenever possible, preference in selecting time periods is given to those employees who have seniority within the department. Vacation time should not interfere with the operations of the department. It is the responsibility of individual employees and their supervisors to ensure that vacations are taken in a timely fashion.

Accruing Time

Employees hired on or before the 15th of any month receive vacation accrual that month.

Employees hired after the 15th of the month do not receive vacation accrual for that month.

Full-time full-year non-exempt employees regularly scheduled to work at least 35 hours per week, accrue vacation as follows:

Full-time academic year non-exempt employees accrue vacation as illustrated above for full-year employees, pro-rated according to their FTE. Additionally:

Full-time exempt employees accrue vacation as follows:

Part-time exempt and non-exempt employees who are regularly scheduled to work less than 35 hours per week will have their monthly vacation accrual pro-rated based on their FTE.

Vacation Payout upon Termination, Leaves and Status Changes

Employees will only receive vacation pay if there is sufficient time accrued — no “borrowing” against future accruals is permitted. Vacation time does not accrue during leaves of absence without pay, including Military Service Leaves.

Human Resources will determine the amount of any accrued, unused vacation eligible for payout upon separation from service. Vacation payout at the time of separation from service is limited to one year’s accrual. There are no exceptions to this limit.

Employees who fail to give adequate notice, and/or fail to work through the notice period, forfeit rights to vacation payout. In rare circumstances, exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Director of Human Resources when a shorter notice is unanticipated and unavoidable because of extenuating circumstances beyond the employee’s control. Unanticipated absences during the notice period caused by situations such as illness or College closings resulting from inclement weather, natural disasters or hazardous conditions, do not disqualify one from receiving vacation payout upon termination. Neither does a single day holiday that falls within the notification period disqualify one from receiving vacation payout upon termination.

Individuals who resign or who are terminated prior to six months of employment are not entitled to receive payment for accrued vacation. Those who are terminated for cause are not entitled to payment of accrued vacation time.

Employees who go from full-time to part-time or vice versa will carry with them their accrued vacation balance as of the date of the change. If an employee changes from full-time to part-time or to a non-benefit-eligible position, any accruals in excess of the new maximum (but not more than one year’s accrual) will be paid out at the time of transfer, at the rate of pay in effect prior to the transfer.

If serious illness or injury occurs while an employee is on vacation, sick leave may be used with the permission of the department head. The College may require a physician’s certificate.

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