7.12 Short-Term Disability

Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (revised)


Short-term disability is intended to provide paid time off when an employee is unable to work for an extended period because of his or her own illness or injury. This policy describes the eligibility and benefit provided by the College, and the process for ensuring receipt of the benefit.


If an employee cannot work due to illness or injury, his or her supervisor or department head must be kept up-to-date about the status of the absence and the employee’s anticipated return date. Absences of more than five days in length fall under Family Medical Leave Act guidelines and require special reporting.


Full-time exempt and non-exempt administrative employees who have completed one full year of eligible service and experience a disability resulting in a period of absence greater than three months due to their own illness or injury. Benefit-eligible faculty who have completed one year of service and are prevented from continuing their regular duties due to their own injury or illness. Additionally, administrative employees must meet eligibility requirements for and be approved to receive long-term disability insurance payments.


Eligible administrative employees are qualified to receive 60% of their base annual salary, less all required payroll taxes and deductions, for the fourth through sixth months of their disability period. Employees will be required to exhaust all available accrued time prior to receiving the short-term disability benefit. Any time period between exhausting accrued time and the beginning of the fourth month of disability will be unpaid.

Eligible faculty members are qualified to receive their regular base pay for the remainder of the semester in which the disability occurs, but in no event will receive more than six months of salary continuation for a continuing disability.

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