7.01 Holidays

Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (revised)


This policy describes the paid holidays provided by the College, and the process for ensuring receipt of this benefit.


Trinity College provides 12 paid holidays each year for benefit-eligible administrative employees who work 12 months. Other benefit-eligible administrative employees, such as those with academic year appointments, receive pay for holidays that fall within the dates of their appointments. The College holiday schedule is established and published each year by the Human Resources department. It is reviewed annually and will change from year to year.

To qualify for holiday pay, an employee must work the scheduled workdays before and after the holiday, or be on approved paid leave.

Some departments must remain open on a scheduled holiday. When this is necessary, department heads will make staffing assignments according to specific needs. If feasible, work assignments will be made on a rotating basis. For essential services such as Campus Safety, specific departmental policies will apply.

Holiday pay is computed according to the employee’s base rate of pay. Non-exempt employees receive additional compensation if required to work on a holiday, in the form of regular holiday pay, plus time and one-half for the hours worked. If a holiday falls on an employee’s regularly-scheduled day off, another day off with pay is provided at the employee’s base rate of pay.

If an employee’s scheduled hours are not the same each day, the holiday hours are computed by taking the number of regularly-scheduled hours each week, divided by five days. For example, a 20-hour per week employee would receive four hours for each holiday.

Employees on an unpaid leave of absence do not receive holiday pay. When an employee is leaving the College, holidays occurring after the last day of actual work are not paid.

Employees in temporary assignments who do not qualify for holiday pay receive time and one-half for hours worked on an official College holiday.

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