4.08 Rehires and Bridged Service

Effective Date: September 1, 2013 (revised)


The purpose of this policy is to define the circumstances under which service date and benefits eligibility will be bridged following gaps in employment.


Former employees who leave the College in good standing may be considered for re-hire. Service may be bridged if an employee completed at least one full year of service in a regular full-time or part-time benefit-eligible position immediately prior to their last separation. Temporary positions are not counted when determining service for bridging purposes.

The rate of pay for the returning employee will be determined by the applicable salary administration guidelines for the current position.

Employees who return to regular full-time or part-time service will be required to complete a new probationary period.

Employees being rehired will be subject to a background check, which may include work history, degree history, criminal background check and/or motor vehicle history report.

For re-hires within three months of termination:

Employees will retain the service date in effect during the previous employment period, and will be eligible to participate in the current benefit plans (subject to plan eligibility requirements) if they left in good standing, were in a benefit-eligible position and re-hired into the same or another benefit-eligible position. These employees may participate in the current benefit plans and their original date of hire and sick leave balances will be restored.

For re-hires after a separation of more than three months but less than five years:

Employees must fulfill all service requirements except retirement plan (subject to plan eligibility requirements). An adjusted service date will be calculated by adding the amount of time of separation to the original service date. These employees will accrue vacation based on their newly calculated service date. Forfeited sick time will not be restored.

For a break in service of greater than five years:

The date of rehire will be the new service date. Employees must fulfill all service requirements except retirement plan eligibility (subject to plan eligibility requirements). Vacation accrual will be based on the new service date. Forfeited sick time will not be restored.

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