4.09 References and Release of Information

Effective Date: September 1, 2013 (revised)


It is College policy that the Human Resources Department coordinates the release of information concerning current and former employees.


Requests for information about or references for former employees must be referred to the Human Resources Department.

A former employee may request that the College provide information to prospective employers; in that event a simple written release must be submitted to Human Resources. In the absence of a written release, it is College policy that the Human Resources Department will verify dates of employment and position held, only.

Information regarding current employees must be requested and released through the Human Resources Department. Employment verification requests must be submitted in writing and will be completed and returned to the requesting organization provided the employee has authorized release of the information requested.

Any former employee may, within one year of employment termination, request to receive a copy of his or her personnel file. Such requests must be submitted on the Trinity College Personnel File Access Request Form, which may be obtained from the Human Resources department.

The Human Resources Department complies with all duly authorized legal demands for information regarding current and former employees.

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