4.07 Relocation

Effective Date: September 1, 2013 (revised)


Relocation expense reimbursement is not to be offered routinely, but may be offered as incentive for highly-qualified applicants to accept employment in hard-to-fill positions. In such cases, the hiring department will assist with the cost of actual and reasonable expenses associated with relocation.


The hiring department must obtain approval from the appropriate senior administrator prior to offering relocation assistance.
The offer and terms of relocation assistance will be detailed in writing at the time an offer of employment is made, including the need for multiple bids from moving companies.
Payment will be reimbursement for actual costs incurred, according to the guidelines in place based on geographic location.
Employee must submit itemized list of expenses with receipts within 30 days of employment.

A copy of the College’s guidelines for moving expense reimbursement based on geographic location may be obtained from Human Resources or the Dean of Faculty’s Office.

Reimbursable expenses are determined according to IRS Guidelines for Deductible Moving Expenses (see IRS Publication 521). These include expenses related to moving household goods and personal effects (including in-transit or foreign-move storage expenses) and traveling (including lodging but not meals) to a new home.

There is no reimbursement allowed for meals.