9.07 Weather-related Closing

Effective Date: March, 2009


It is the practice of the College to remain open during periods of inclement weather, especially during the academic year when classes are in session. However, there may be rare circumstances in which a decision is made to close administrative offices and/or cancel activities due to adverse weather conditions. This policy describes the decision and communication processes and outlines the expectations for holding classes and campus events.


Decisions to Close Offices, Cancel Classes or Postpone/Cancel Events and Activities

Decisions regarding weather-related closing or early dismissal are made by the President. In the absence of the President, such decisions are made by the Vice President for Finance and Operations. In their absence, the decision will be made by the Director of Human Resources in consultation with available senior staff. Regardless of whether College offices are or are not officially closed, each employee is expected to consider individual safety factors and to act sensibly.

Essential services - residence halls, dining halls, Campus Safety, and any other identified staff/services supporting student living and safety — will remain open and personnel related to these functions are expected to report to work.

Even when administrative offices are closed, it is assumed that classes will be held. Classes may be canceled at the discretion of the individual faculty member, who should use Blackboard and my.trincoll.edu to communicate with their students. Decisions to hold sporting events, practices, campus events, and other activities may be made on an individual basis.

The switchboard is programmed with a “Weather-related Announcement” option. This routes callers to various options depending on the type of activity or event for which information is needed. Each designated individual or area is responsible for updating the phone tree with information relative to events for that area. The direct number for “Weather-related Announcements” is 860.297.5100.


Decisions regarding office closures or other cancellations will be made as soon as practicable, and generally with at least two hours’ notice. The principal means of communicating to the campus community are through these channels:

Communication flow:


Administrative staff who are absent as a result of inclement weather when the College is otherwise open may make up the time during the pay period with prior approval from their respective supervisors, or may use vacation or personal leave time or their floating holiday, if available.

In the event of early dismissal or closure, administrative staff who are on campus and released will be compensated for their regular hours. Administrative staff who are absent due to inclement weather, illness, or previously-scheduled time off, may use appropriate paid time off, i.e., vacation, sick or personal time.

Other Factors

Parking bans are enforced on city streets during inclement weather, including Summit Street. Employees parking on these streets during inclement weather may expect to be towed.