7.06 Jury Duty

Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (revised)


The College complies with all federal and state laws surrounding jury duty service. Additionally, the College provides financial support to those employees called to serve on juries. This policy describes the benefit provided by the College, and the process for ensuring receipt of the benefit.


A copy of the jury duty summons should be submitted to the supervisor as soon as it is received. During the period of jury duty, employees report to work during all scheduled work hours when their presence is not required at court.

Employees regularly scheduled to work on the second or third shift may be excused from work on the day of jury duty if reporting to work could be considered an unreasonable expectation.

The College continues to pay the employee’s regular rate of pay, and employees are required to report the amount of earnings from jury duty by submitting pay vouchers to the Payroll Department. Earnings are offset by the amount received from the court. Alternatively, employees may choose to endorse their jury checks to the College and receive their normal pay for the period of jury duty service.