6.03 Pay Increases

Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (revised)


Most employees can expect to receive increases in pay over the course of their career at the College. Increases may be given for a variety of reasons, and in different forms. The typical pay increases and forms are described, as is the mechanism for pay increase approval.


Merit increase:

Variable pay increase, reflecting performance on the job as documented in the annual performance evaluation.

General (or Across-the-board or ATB) increase:

Common increase given to all eligible employees, irrespective of contribution to the College.

Promotional increase:

To recognize an employee’s movement to a higher level in the classification and compensation system. Generally the greater of 8% or the minimum of the new range.

Equity adjustment:

An increase in pay based on internal comparisons between the same or like positions within a department or, as necessary, across departments.

Market adjustment:

An increase in pay based on external market conditions, as compared to like positions in the appropriate comparison group,


In order to be considered for a salary review an employee must have a written performance appraisal completed. The appraisal must be discussed with the supervisor and signed by both parties. It is then forwarded to Human Resources, where it will become part of the official employment record.

It is customary for the Board of Trustees to approve a salary budget for each fiscal year. A fixed percentage is budgeted for this purpose. Salary increases above the specified percentage acknowledge promotions, address inequities or reward outstanding performance. Salary increases below the fixed percentage reflect substandard performance. In this circumstance, a salary increase may be delayed or withheld entirely.

When fiscal resources are available and performance is appropriate, a salary increase may be awarded on July 1st — the start of the new fiscal year.

If an employee is eligible for a salary increase, he/she will receive a salary letter, usually in June, confirming the new salary.

An employee who begins work during the fiscal year may receive a partial salary increase on July 1, based upon the date of hire and a satisfactory evaluation.

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