5.50 Performance Management

Effective Date: July 8, 2013 (revised)


The goal of Trinity College’s Performance Management Program is to create a work environment in which employees are able to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Performance management encompasses a broad spectrum of considerations and activities, starting with an employee’s first day of work. Performance management ultimately aims to support the achievement of the College’s mission and vision through supporting each employee’s ability to achieve his or her goals which in turn support departmental goals.


Performance Management is a cyclical process that starts with the documentation of goals and objectives for the review period, followed by documented conversations between the employee and supervisor in the middle and at the end of the review period. Goals and objectives are assessed, and new goals and objectives established during the Performance Evaluation discussion at year end.

Mid-Year Discussions; Annual Performance Evaluation

The ultimate goal of the Performance Management Program is to provide employees with the opportunity to identify growth and development opportunities; and supervisors the ability to recognize and reward contributions to the successful achievement of the Colleges goals and objectives, and identify areas of concern and clarify expectations. Regular conversations between employee and supervisor are a critical element in ensuring a shared understanding of an employees strengths and opportunities for improvement. Required mid-year discussions and year-end performance evaluations ensure that at least two such conversations will occur each year.

Job Descriptions

Accurate and up-to-date job descriptions are a critical element of effective performance management and each employee, with the support of his or her supervisor, is encouraged to ensure that his or her job description remains up-to-date. The Job Description Template is the form to be used for this purpose and is available on the Human Resources website. The primary job responsibilities become the first of the three sections of the performance appraisal form.

Goals, Objectives and Plans for Subsequent Review Period

Each year, supervisors and employees have the opportunity to mutually define those things above and beyond the primary job responsibilities that they would like achieved or improved upon. The Goals, Objectives and Plans for Next Review Period section of the Performance Evaluation document should be used to document these. They then become part of the performance evaluation document and are, like fundamental skills, assessed regularly.

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