5.01 Confidentiality

Effective Date: April 1, 2010


Most employees of the College have access to confidential records and information. It is the policy of the College to ensure that employees are aware of their obligation to maintain the confidentiality of proprietary and sensitive College information, and to understand the consequences of failing to meet that obligation.


It is each employee’s responsibility to respect and preserve the confidentiality of College records and information. The use or misuse of confidential information is the sole responsibility of the employee who accesses it. Confidential information may not be discussed or released to anyone without prior approval from the proper authority.

Information in electronic form, whether on computer terminals or other storage media, should be safeguarded and protected with passwords that are changed regularly and not easy to discern. Authorized destruction of electronic material must be done consistent with Information Technology Serivces policies and procedures.

Paper shredders, available at various locations around the College, should be used to destroy confidential materials.

Except as defined by the scope of his or her authorized job duties, an employee must not in any way access, divulge, copy, release, alter or destroy any information.

Employees are required to report any activities that they suspect may compromise confidential information to their supervisor or other authorized individual. Violation of confidentiality is grounds for dismissal.

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