6.05 Compensation for Administrative Staff Teaching

Effective Date: July 1, 2009


Administrative staff at certain levels may be compensated for teaching that occurs outside of their normal job duties. This policy defines the positions which may be eligible for additional compensation for teaching, as well as the approval process for receiving compensation.


Positions in salary level 29 and above are specifically excluded from additional compensation consideration. Occasionally, an administrative position will have a teaching requirement included in the job description or appointment letter as part of its outlined duties; in such cases, the compensation for teaching outlined in the appointment letter is included in the base salary for that position.

Administrative positions below salary level 29 may receive additional compensation for teaching courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, provided it does not interfere with the completion of their normal job duties and responsibilities. Administrative positions with a specific teaching requirement may be compensated for additional teaching, provided it does not interfere with the completion of their normal job duties and responsibilities. Teaching cannot take place during the employee's normal work hours. The amount of such compensation is established in advance by the Dean of Faculty’s office and is equivalent to the current overload compensation rates paid to Trinity faculty. The rates received may depend on whether the recipient has earned a terminal degree in the field.

Administrative staff must receive approval from their supervisor and division head, in addition to the Dean of Faculty’s office, prior to engaging in discussion with departments about teaching a course.

Requests for compensation must be submitted for approval by the department chair/program director to the appropriate Dean of Academic Affairs in the Dean of Faculty’s office, normally during the annual staffing allocation process for the academic year, which takes place every fall semester, or during the standard course proposal procedures for J-term and summer sessions. Payments are made over the course of the semester, or summer term, as the case may be. Staff may not be compensated in advance for teaching.

Compensation is subject to specified enrollment levels, and classes may be canceled if enrollment does not reach the minimum enrollment level. Compensation will not be provided for canceled classes.

Exceptions to this policy will only be made in conjunction with the Dean of Faculty’s office and Human Resources.

Updated: April 1, 2018 criteria and process