6.01 Job Description Creation and Review of Level

Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (revised)


Job descriptions serve a number of important functions. It is therefore essential that they be up-to-date, complete and on file with the Human Resources department. Employees, supervisors and department heads work together to develop job descriptions and ensure that the descriptions accurately reflect the duties and responsibilities of each job.


Job descriptions for all administrative staff are created in a template maintained by Human Resources on its website. Generally speaking, an incumbent employee will initially review an existing job description, or start the process of creating a new job description. It will then be reviewed, edited and approved by the appropriate management within the department or division. The final step is for it to be submitted to Human Resources electronically.

The job description comprises five sections:

Reporting Relationships — include the job title, department in which it resides, the title of the supervisor, the titles (if any) of positions it supervises, and the date of creation or last update.

Statement of Purpose — a brief description of the primary functions and purpose of the job.

Minimum Qualifications — are the minimum education/training, skills and previous experience required to be able to complete the job requirements, without regard to those of the incumbent. Preferred qualifications should not be in the job description, but may be part of a posting, if the job must be filled.

Duties and Responsibilities — are a numbered list of the key responsibilities of the job; a job description should not attempt to include every task required of a job, since there are times when employees may be asked to perform duties which are not specified on a job description, but that are necessary to meet the goals of the department.

Physical Demands — provides information on such things as lifting requirements, long periods of walking, standing, climbing, etc.

When a position becomes vacant, the department head will review the job description and revise it if necessary before requesting to fill the position.

When significant changes have occurred in a position, the department head should prepare a new job description and forward it to Human Resources for review. Similarly, when there is a departmental reorganization with significant reassignment of duties and responsibilities, new job descriptions should be prepared and reviewed.

When a new position is created, the department head is required to submit a job description to Human Resources for review and approval prior to the start of the recruiting process.

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