7.14 Return to Work/Modified Duty

Effective Date: January 1, 2014


Employees who are released to return to work on a regular or reduced-schedule basis but with temporary job restrictions, as documented by a treating healthcare provider, may be eligible for Modified Duty. The goal is to enable employees to continue using skills and abilities temporarily limited by injury or illness when modified duty is available.


This shall apply to any non-temporary employee who has a short-term injury or illness that prevents him or her from performing his or her full duties.


The Certification of Healthcare Provider or Providers Release to Return to Work form is completed by a physician or other designated healthcare provider requiring documentation of the probable length of the restrictions and the nature of the restrictions. Additional documentation confirming an employees ability to return to work may also be required. This documentation is submitted to Human Resources, where return to work is coordinated with the employee and the employees supervisor.

Return to Work with No Restrictions:

The employee obtains the completed form from his or her physician or other healthcare provider noting no restrictions and the ability to work his or her regularly scheduled hours. The form must be presented to Human Resources upon the employees return to work.

Return to Work with Restrictions:

Restrictions noted by the physician or other healthcare provider may be:

If the employee is released to return to work with restrictions, as evidenced by completion of the Providers Release to Return to Work form, the form must be submitted to the employees supervisor and Human Resources prior to or immediately upon return to work for consideration of Modified Duty. The supervisor and Human Resources will review the restrictions and determine if Modified Duty is appropriate.

If the employee is approved for Modified Duty, the employee must comply with the restrictions outlined in the Providers Release to Return to Work form. If the restrictions change at any time, the employee must notify his or her supervisor immediately and give the supervisor and Human Resources a copy of the revised Providers Release to Return to Work form. An employee must adhere to any restrictions noted by the treating healthcare provider even if the employee has not missed any work.

In cases where an employee is not able to return to work, the College may rely on the information contained in the Certification of Healthcare Provider form to determine appropriate next steps.

The supervisor, with the concurrence of Human Resources, may require the employee to perform certain Modified Duty assignments on a temporary basis. Failure of an employee to report for Modified Duty assignments shall terminate the injury leave, short-term disability leave, or other leave benefit.

If the Employee is unable to perform the Modified Duty assignment, he/she will contact the Physician to review and potentially update the “Physicians Release to Return to Work” form.

Inability to Return to Work: