Major Requirements

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Accommodations and exceptions to these requirements that were made for students enrolled during spring 2020 in response to COVID-19 can be found here.

American Studies


The American studies major requires 12 AMST courses as follows:

  • 2 courses at the 200 level (one must be AMST 203)
  • 4 courses at the 300 level (one must be AMST 301)
  • 2 courses at the 400 level

  • 4 electives at any level (a thesis may count as two elective credits)

Students who are considering a major in American studies should consult with the program director as early in their undergraduate career as possible. It is strongly recommended that students prepare themselves for the major by registering in at least one of the 200-level courses in American studies, especially AMST 203 or AMST 210. Students are advised to plan their schedules so that they take AMST 301 as a sophomore or junior. Double majors and students with interests that intersect with disciplines outside of American studies must consult their major adviser and American studies director for permission to count non-American studies courses toward the AMST major. A course will not count for the major if the grade earned is below C-.


Study away: A major in American studies is often able to apply one or two courses toward the major when studying away. Vienna is a good fit for American studies majors, but many other sites work well too. Set up a meeting with an American studies faculty member for more information.

Honors: To receive honors in American studies a student must earn a major GPA of at least B+ and complete four 400-level courses (earning an average of at least an A-) or a two-semester thesis (earning at least an A-).