Distribution Requirements

Code Description
ART Meets Arts Requirement
FYR Meets FirstYr Seminar Requirement
FYR1 Meets FirstYr + Art Requirements
FYR2 Meets FirstYr + Hum Requirements
FYR3 Meets FirstYr + Nat Requirements
FYR4 Meets FirstYr + Num Requirements
FYR5 Meets FirstYr + Soc Requirements
FYR6 Meest First Year + Global Engagement
GLB Meets Global Engagement Requirement
GLB1 Meets Art and Global Requirements
GLB2 Meets Humanities and Global Requirements
GLB3 Meets Natural Science and Global Requirements
GLB4 Meets Numerical and Global Requirements
GLB5 Meets Social Sciences and Global Requirements
HUM Meets Humanities Requirement
LNG Meets Second Language Requirement
NAT Meets Natural Science Requirement
NUM Meets Numerical & Symbolic Reasoning Requirement
SOC Meets Social Sciences Requirement
WEA Meets Writing Emphasis Part1 Requirement
WEA2 Meets Writing Emphasis Part1 and Hum Requirements
WEB Meets Writing Emphasis Part2 Requirements