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Course Info for SOCL - 336 - 01, Spring 2011
Class number: 5552 Title: Race Racism & Democracy Department: Sociology
Career: Undergraduate Component: Lecture Session: Regular
Instructor's Permission Required: No Grading Basis: Regular Units: 1.00
Enrollment limited to 20 Current enrollment: 15 Available seats: 5
Start date: Monday, January 24, 2011 End date: Friday, May 13, 2011 Mode of Instruction: In Person
Schedule: TR: 1:30PM-2:45PM, 9799CS - 120 Instructor(s): Williams, Johnny
Prerequisite(s): Prerequisite: C- or better in a prior Sociology course or permission of the instructor. This course is not open to first-year students.
Distribution Requirement: Meets Social Sciences and Global Requirements
Course Description:
This course is designed to explore various efforts to reconcile ideals of equality with persistent and perpetual forms of racial oppression. By examining the history and culture of the U.S. and other democratic societies, this course analyzes the central paradox that emerges when societies maintain racial inequality but articulate principles of equality, freedom, and justice for all. Hence we will examine the differences between what people say and what they actually do, and how congruencies and incongruencies between the structure of institutions and culture force one to distinguish myth from reality. This is done so that students can better understand how the structure and process of politics govern the everyday lives of oppressed racial groups in capitalist democracies.