Jason Jacobskind
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: (860) 297-2539 Office Location: Life Sciences Center 201
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Trinity College faculty member since 2023
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Ph.D., Univ. at Albany-SUNY
M.A., Queens College, CUNY
B.A., Univ. at Albany-SUNY

Jason initially became fascinated with the brain as an undergraduate student at The State University of New York at Albany. In pursuit of this passion, he went on to earn his masters and PhD in behavioral neuroscience. His graduate research investigated sex differences in the stress response to the illicit substance, methamphetamine.

Professor Jacobskind strives to imbue the same sense of intrigue and curiosity about the human brain that he feels. Neuroscience offers a two-way bridge between the psychological and biological aspects of the human experience. By understanding human behavior using this dynamic approach, we are better equipped to understand each other and ourselves.

To this end, Professor Jacobskind makes a concerted effort to make the content of his courses relatable and personal. Ultimately, the greatest outcome for his students is they carry with them knowledge to help them navigate and understand the biopsychosocial influences of their lives and others’.