Jonathan Johnson
Visiting Lecturer in Computer Science
Phone: (860) 297-4033 Office Location: MECC 167
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Trinity College faculty member since 2022
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B.S., Tulane Univ.

Jonathan Johnson has been helping companies produce commercial software applications since 1990. Jonathan has navigated the ever-changing hardware, tools, languages, and architectures of computer engineering while surfing the energy of Moore's law. Following his BS in Computer Science from Tulane University, his software career has always been rooted in Connecticut.
His early software was with Fortran and assembly language with real-time laboratory instruments and software. He was an early adopter of object-oriented programming and once C++ was available, moved to personal banking and worked on some of the first bill pay banking web servers. Once Java matured, Jonathan moved to business workflow applications that used distributed memory. In the mid-2000s Jonathan transitioned back to laboratory software with a novel, Connecticut-based DNA sequencing instrument. He transitioned to laboratory information systems and embraced the rise of cloud computing. Currently, he is an independent software architect learning and teaching the potential of cloud native computing.
Jonathan is driven by open-source software and entrepreneurial thinkers. He hopes he can share what he has learned so others can help solve the significant issues our next generations are facing.
Jonathan’s father was a chemistry student at Trinity from 1942 to 1947 and was drafted to the Philippines in 1944.