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Tricia George
Visiting Lecturer in the Liberal Arts Action Lab
Phone: (860) 297-5166 Office Location: 10 Constitution Plaza
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Trinity College faculty member since 2021
General ProfileTeachingResearch
B.A., Univ. of Pittsburgh (2009)

Tricia George holds an A.S. in Video Production, a B.A. in Urban Studies, and is currently ABD for her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut. Her research focuses on Connected Learning and Community-Controlled Development, and her favorite work involves organizing community-based work with youth and young adults. She currently works as the Educational Director for Thinkalong at Connecticut Public, and was formerly the Director of YOUmedia and Teen Services at Hartford Public Library. With more than a dozen years of experience engaging youth and young adults in literacy, technology, and science learning, she’s developed a love for working beside teens to create spaces and programs that support their journey to a thriving adulthood, academically, civically, and socially. She holds giant research crushes on James Paul Gee and Mimi Ito, loves vegan chocolate ice cream, and aspires to grow vegetables like the world might end.