Jonathan T. Ashby
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Phone: (860) 297-5152 Office Location: Clement
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Trinity College faculty member since 2023
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Ph.D., Univ. of California, Riverside
B.S., Trinity College

Jonathan Ashby began his education in chemistry at Trinity College, investigating the extraction of pesticides from human hair for studying long-term exposure of farm workers to these toxins. As a graduate student at UC Riverside and postdoctoral researcher at UC Davis, Jon worked at the interface of biology and analytical chemistry, using mass spectrometry to identify the formation of protein coatings around nanoparticles and interactions between DNA repair enzymes and damaged DNA. As an independent researcher, Jon’s interests in macromolecular interactions have shifted towards protein-protein interactions, developing higher throughput methods to screen for both interacting proteins and conditions to inhibit said interactions.

In the classroom, Jon enjoys teaching coursework on quantitative and qualitative analysis. One of his focuses when teaching is in demonstrating the connectivity of the chemical sciences with a variety of other fields, using case studies to connect chemical analysis to food science, forensic science and other industries.