Maria L. Parr
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Phone: (860) 297-2212 Office Location: Clement 205
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Trinity College faculty member since 1999
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Ph.D., Yale Univ.
M.S., Yale Univ.
B.S., Trinity College

Professor Parr’s research interests involve the synthesis of metal-oxo and metal-hydride complexes of rhenium. Metal-oxo complexes are important as oxygen transfer agents, both in a variety of biological systems and in the laboratory.1 The more recent application of rhenium complexes as radiopharmaceutical agents and their role as models for technetium complexes have given rise to a significant area of research.2 Metal hydride complexes play a role in homogeneous catalysis, exhibit novel hydrogen bonding behavior and have unique structural properties.3 The synthesis and characterization of five new rhenium-oxo complexes has been reported4a and  Professor Parr and her students are exploring the utility of these new rhenium-oxo complexes in oxygen transfer reactions and as precursors for metal hydride complexes.4b  The role of wide-bite angle diphosphines as supporting ligands in rhenium and molybdenum complexes is currently under investigation.


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