Ralph E. Walde
Professor of Computer Science, Emeritus
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Trinity College faculty member since 1972
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Ph.D., Univ. of California, Berkeley
B.A., Univ. of Minnesota

Professor Walde’s speciality area of teaching was abstract algebra in mathematics, and later, the area of theory of computation in computer science.  Current teaching-related interests involve the rapidly evolving undergraduate curriculum for computer science responding to the impact of rapidly evolving computational technology.  Recent activity includes involvement in the Mobile Computer Science Principles AP curriculum developed by Professor Morelli at Trinity College.  

Professor Walde’s research interests have involved applying computational algorithms to solve problems in mathematics and the natural sciences.  He collaborated with other Trinity College faculty in research efforts that modeled the branching patterns of plants with grammar rewriting systems and broke historical ciphers with genetic algorithms.  His current research interests involve combinatorics and genetic algorithms.