John Alcorn
Principal Lecturer in the Shelby Cullom Davis Endowment
Phone: (860) 297-2182 Office Location: 71 Vernon Street, #204
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Trinity College faculty member since 1990
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Ph.D., Columbia Univ.
M.Phil., Columbia Univ.
M.A., Columbia Univ.
B.A., Columbia Univ.

John Alcorn teaches debate-based, interdisciplinary seminars about idiosyncratic types of organizations, markets, & behaviors.

• Mafia: organized crime, markets for private protection, and codes of honor.

• College: academic institutions, markets for academic credentials, and informal social control on campus.

• Sports: teams & leagues, markets for sports contests, and the code on the field.

• Prohibitions: case studies in the limits of individual liberty and markets. Topics: Lifestyles (polygamy, firearms, mind drugs); Markets (sex, kidneys for transplantation, adoption); Information (blackmail, prediction markets, advertising); Migration; and Making & Taking Life (abortion, genetic engineering, suicide).

John Alcorn has a weakness for unique acoustic guitars and enjoys rambles at dawn with his beloved weimaraner dog, Dexter.