Robert F Peltier
Principal Lecturer in the Allan K. Smith Center for Writing and Rhetoric, Emeritus
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Trinity College faculty member since 1991
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M.A., Trinity College
B.A., Trinity College

Robert F. Peltier teaches courses that introduce students to college-level writing, courses that require research and argument, and courses that ask students to engage with and write about the community beyond Trinity's borders. He asks students to write essays, arguments, profiles, biographies, memoirs, analyses, diaries, journals, and more. The theme that extends through all his classes, all his assignments, is that reading and writing create knowledge.

Students often come to college believing that to write is to produce a text that will be graded. Peltier shows them that writing serves multiple purposes, the most important of which is to create new ideas, new knowledge, to lift the intellect to new and higher levels of understanding. This new knowledge may be about themselves, as they write personal essays, diary or journal entries, and reflective pieces, or it might be about the larger world as they venture beyond Trinity's gates to write--and learn--about Trinity's neighborhood and the people who work and live there.They may also write about the even larger world, where decisions of great moment are made, and take part in the debates swirling around those decisions, arguing from an informed point of view.

Peltier's goal, beyond helping students to become better writers and readers, is to provide students with new reading and writing strategies and methods that will help them to learn during their college years and throughout their lifetimes.