Karl F Haberlandt
Professor of Psychology, Emeritus
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Trinity College faculty member since 1968
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Ph.D., Yale Univ.
M.A., Yale Univ.
Diploma, Freie Universitat, Berlin

Professor Haberlandt's interest in psychology began with his undergraduate education in Germany where he was introduced to epistemology and general psychology. In his graduate studies at Yale University in the 1960s he had the great fortune to study with some of the leaders in the field of classical learning theory. Professor Haberlandt's work is motivated by such questions as How do we know what we know? How do we remember? How do we retrieve information from our memory? Research sabbaticals at Stanford and Carnegie-Mellon Universities, and his own research here at Trinity College, have allowed his investigations to grow along with the field. He continues to be a student of psychology, with a focus on the areas of learning and memory. He invites his students to join him in the quest to learn more about the achievements and challenges of research on cognition.