John P Georges
Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus
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Trinity College faculty member since 1983
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Ph.D., Northeastern Univ.
M.A., Tufts Univ.
B.A., Tufts Univ.

Now in hisĀ fourth decade at the college, Professor Georges continues to teach mathematics with vigor and enthusiasm. He believes that the study of mathematics is an essential part of the liberal arts experience for undergraduates and endeavors to convey his appreciation and respect for the subject to his students. His interactive lecture style encourages students to question their understanding of concepts and to participate in the class. He teaches on a variety of topics including calculus, decision-making, abstract algebra, combinatorics and graph theory.

Active in research, Professor Georges works closely with his departmental colleague Professor Mauro in the investigation of distance-constrained labelings of graphs, an area of graph theory that addresses some of the problems arising in the design of communications networks. On several past occasions these investigations have led to research opportunities for highly motivated undergraduates.

Professor Georges is mindful of the college's obligation to support educational efforts in the Greater Hartford Community. He has made numerous presentations on the history of mathematics to middle and high school students enrolled in Hartford's Classical Magnet Program, has offered lecture series on probability to students at Windsor High School, and has served on the advisory board of Math Connections, a regional secondary school mathematics initiative funded by the National Science Foundation.