Craig W Schneider
Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology, Emeritus
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Trinity College faculty member since 1975
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Ph.D., Duke Univ.
B.A., Gettysburg College

Professor Schneider's goal in teaching was to help students understand the natural world by logically dissecting it, then finding out how it all fit back together. If students could develop ways of thinking that challenged their established assumptions, then he has succeeded. Schneider provided his classes the facts of a subject, but he did not expect them to memorize these webs of information; rather, he wanted the students to interpret the significance of these facts in a greater context. He allowed them to make mistakes in their “logical” thinking, then used the mistakes as a platform for constructive discussion. Using such tools, he believed students truly learned the material in a useful manner, one which would carry forth well after any class they had taken with him.